Why Web Design Shouldn’t Be a 1-Time Fee

What happens when you have a new web design project?

To put it really simply, you listen to what the client says they want. You build the website, you turn it, over to the client, and you're done. The problem with this scenario is twofold.

#1 No Recurring Revenue

First, this doesn't add any additional recurring revenue to your business, so if you want any hope of being able to have any additional income you've got to go out and find that next client.

#2 It's Not in the Best Interest of The Client

And second, this is not in the best interest of your client.

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You see the reason that you should build or redesign a website for any business is to help them achieve a specific outcome and the outcome is going to look different for every business, and it is your job to know what that outcome is.

But typically this outcome is going to be around the businesses growth, ie:

  • Generating more leads
  • Booking more appointments
  • Getting more customers or patients, and sales

So how can you possibly know if the website that you create and hand off to the client actually does this, if the work that you do ends once the website goes live?

The truth is you can't.

That's why the majority of my web design clients are paying me for three, yes three sets of services.

The 3 Sets of Services

So what are the 3 services?

(1) The first is website planning.

This is first because this must come before you ever build or even for that matter…quote a website

(2) The second is website design and development

(3) And the third is our ongoing maintenance, support and growth

So let's break each of these services down into more detail…

Service #1

Let's start with the first which is website planning.

This is a step-by-step process of researching the business, researching their audience, understanding their goals, looking at the data behind their website, and pulling all of this together to create a roadmap for this business's success.

I'm not going to go into all of the details of what this looks like right now because here I go into much more detail on how you can get paid to plan websites.

Service #2

The next service is website design and development.

And this comes again after we have the full website planned, its content, and we understand what is going to attract and convert the business's ideal customer.

That way we are building a website not just around a product or a service, but we are building it around the audience that needs that product or service. That is a very big difference.

Service #3

Now lastly, we have website maintenance and growth.

This of course is where the recurring revenue and services come in. Of course we're going to be offering the standard website maintenance because we want to make sure that we are protecting the business's investment, but this is where we also want to continue to implement the plan that we created in the first step.

This is where we are monitoring.

Is the website actually performing as we expected it to?

This is where we're going to be doing our analysis, our testing of the website and implementing 1 or more marketing strategies in order to help this website grow.

The 2 Phases

So typically for my web design projects, I divide them into a phase one and a phase two.

Phase 1

In the first phase, this is really building the website and really that solid foundation.

In this phase, the website absolutely can experience growth depending on where the business is,

Phase 2

In the second phase, this is where we really continue to monitor it and we apply more of our marketing strategies to expand on the growth that they're going to experience in that first phase.

What to Do Now

If you're ready to dive into more detail, see my web design process where I show you how to get paid to plan websites.

Copy My 7-Phase Web Design Workflow for Agencies

See my web design workflow from initial contact with a prospect to post launch recurring services and everything in between.


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