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  • 15 Websites That Pay Web Designers to Write

    15 Websites That Pay Web Designers to Write

    It’s always great to diversify your income and get your work and knowledge in front of more eyes. It’s even better when you can get in front of more people while being paid to do so. Here are 15 websites that will pay you to share your knowledge. You can also include a link to … Read more >>

  • 15 Reasons to Use Semrush (including 55+ Marketing Tools)

    15 Reasons to Use Semrush (including 55+ Marketing Tools)

    Semrush is my favorite all-in-one SEO tool and it continually gets better and better. If you want an SEO tool, whether to help you with your SEO clients, your own business or personal projects, Semrush has some pretty powerful features that can't be ignored. I see many people constantly looking for the next new, shiny … Read more >>

  • Offer This Service to Clients (Even With ZERO Experience)

    Offer This Service to Clients (Even With ZERO Experience)

    If you've been wanting to break into this whole Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing space, but… One of the things holding you back from serving clients is just not feeling like you have enough to offer, you don't have the skills to offer real value… What I want to share with you today is a … Read more >>


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What Others Have Achieved

"Christine, this is genius!!  Thank you, thank you. Wow! This gives me a clear path to follow and a whole lot of confidence and certainty that this is going to work. Its amazing how when you focus on what you want and why, suddenly you start being drawn toward those things that can make your vision real. This whole program is a blessing. Thank you again for your guidance." 
- Alex R.

"More a gratitude post... Thanks for the continued supply of resources Christine. Your teaching and resources have definitely been the catalyst for making things happen. Thank you"
- Colin C.

"#SuccessStory A client accepted my largest proposal today (mid 5-figures) for quarterly consulting, 12 months of SEO and some website work. 

Using some of the processes and templates I developed during the course played a big role. The client said that I was the most expensive of the vendors he was looking at, but that ultimately my clearly-articulated roadmap and that I focused heavily on this business goals rather than the technology is what won the job for me. "
- Adam L.

"Woohoo!!! Just closed a client for nearly 3k/mo. retainer (two locations). I'm so pumped! He e-signed while we were on the call reviewing it together. Never had someone that decisive. 

This is pivotal for me right now as it will give me the profit I need to begin growing a team!"
- Matt H.

Hey Christine, crazy thing happened. I am in the middle of week 2 and I have really started to see some niches that may keep my attention for the long haul. Thanks for the amazing content! This is helping out tremendously!
- Delonte M.

"This is the Eureka moment i have been searching for. I just mentioned the sub-niche I tripeed over. Hope you find your niche because now everything is becoming crystal clear. I somehow knew Christine had the key! Now that I know the well-defined niche I picked up the second trial client I'd already had been working with on strategy in this space. So now in my niche, I have one paid client, two test clients and all influencers. Thanks, Christine"
- John H.