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Whether you want to offer one or multiple digital marketing services to clients, here you will create an online income you can depend on

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Business and life can (and should!) be fun! Constantly feeling tired and drained from long hours, less than desirable clients, low pay and spinning your wheels not getting where you want to be? Let's change that.

Key Areas to Help You Grow

Digital Marketing Agency Growth

Predictably Profitable Websites
(Releasing now)

Profitable Business Ideas (Coming Soon)

Business & Website Growth SOPs, Processes & Templates

Designed for YOU. Create an Income Plan that Works.

It's all here…

All Portable Entrepreneur Courses & Resources

Whether you want to grow a digital marketing agency or build your own income-generating websites, you have the training and personalized feedback & support here to make it happen.

Live Q&A Calls with Christine & Industry Expert Trainings

Jump on live calls to ask any and all questions no matter how small. Have your website reviewed and receive feedback & strategies for growth.

Help, Feedback, & Referrals

This is your place to ask any questions so you never stay stuck, connect with others, get referrals and partner up.

90-Day Success Paths

Not sure where to start? Pick your desired success path, follow the steps & use the resources listed for your specific path. Or just ask!

Support Community

Connect with others on this journey with a huge array of experience to help you succeed. From technical help to big picture strategy, get the support to meet you where you're at.

Accountability & Goals

Tell us your goals, make it public and receive accountability so you get it done!

It's now right at your fingertips…

In-depth training, processes, templates & resources to turn your ideas into profit…
all with the purpose of intentionally working so you have more fun!

Sell High-Value Services to Clients

Trade in your low paying and demanding clients for serious clients who understand and focus on value. Use the processes inside Next Level to easily demonstrate your value, follow a process to deliver results and thrive.

Done-For-You Templates for Faster Profitability

Skip creating everything from scratch since it's all right at your fingertips. Just download and start serving clients and making money.

The Resources You Need

Stop reinventing the wheel, wasting time and losing money not having the steps and processes you need. Determine your path here, download the resources & start now. No analysis paralysis.

The Clarity You Need

The faster you have clarity, the faster you are building your monthly income! Now you'll have the step-by-step to how to make your business happen.


A Process Designed for Results…

90-Day Success Paths

Select a path based on what you want to achieve and receive the process you need to follow to achieve that result in 90-days (or less). Plus, templates, documents, guides & anything you'll need to implement the steps quickly.

Lead Generation Execution Guides

My lead generation execution guides give you the actual steps to follow to implement the strategy you select. Plus, access the templates and docs you'll need to get set-up quickly.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Not sure how to grow your client's business? Well, now you do. Access my library of SOPs created around client outcomes to help you get work done and help your client where it matters most.

Follow the 5-Step Process or
Pick a 90-Day Success Path

Step 1: Determine Your Target Audience & Create an Irresistible Offer

Research and select a profitable target audience and create an irresistible offer.

Step 2: Set-Up Your Lead Conversion System

Create a profitable, consistent and automated lead generation system for dependable income.

Step 3: Attract Leads

Select a lead generation strategy designed around YOU and your target audience to attrac your ideal clients.

Step 4: Craft Your Client Qualification Process (to Sell More With Less)

Use the scripts to qualify high paying clients, easily prove what you're worth & turn more leads into paying clients. 

Step 5: Create a Positive Client Experience & Build a Profitable Workflow Process

Impress clients with a high-end onboarding experience, high quality work and fast turnaround time.

This is a System…

Based on 90-day success paths, you'll select your desired path and implement the process. 

This works for new web design & SEO entrepreneurs, as well as those looking to grow. Clarify your target audience, craft an irresistable offer, develop a lead generation system, deliver results and add recurring revenue to your business.

This means this will NOT work if you are unwilling to spend time on your business or would just rather learn than take any action.

If you are a serious entrepreneur and are willing to implement the provided process and systems, this will work for you.

Some of the 90-day success paths include:

  • Clarifying your target audience & crafting an irressistable offer
  • Build a lead generation system
  • Hiring a team / outsourcing
  • Attracting leads
  • Creating better systems & processes


Access On-Demand Training &
Resources at Any Stage of Business
(With More Added Every Month)

A library with a variety of topics across all aspects of busines. For example…

Lead Generation

  • How to Select The 1 Lead Generation Strategy that Will Bring in the Most Leads (& Ditch the Rest)
  • Strategies for Approaching Clients & Overcoming Objections
  • How to Create a Full Lead Generation Funnel (With Examples)

Delegation & Outsourcing
from Experts in their Field (including my personal rolodex)

  • 7 Steps to Help You Effectively Recruit a New Team Member
  • SEO Copywriting: How to Successfully Outsource Client Content Writing that Produces a ROI
  • How to Hire Help When You Don't Understand the Job

Business Mindset

  • Thinking Like a 6-Figure Entrepreneur & Developing an Entrepreneurial  Mindset
  • How to Know What to Work on Everyday & Getting It All Done
  • Breaking the Cycle of Procrastination
  • How to Schedule Your Business Around the Rest of Your Life

Scaling Your Business

  • The Difference Between Selling a $1k vs a $10K Site (& What Happens When You Double Your Prices)
  • SEO Copywriting: How to Successfully Outsource Client Content Writing that Produces a ROI
  • The Simple Framework for Achieving Big Results in Your Business in 90 Days

What Other Members Who Decided to Join Are Saying…

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Decide to Start Today

80% done-for-you steps, processes & templates to scale an agency

Starting takes a long time when you do everything from scratch! Find 40+ 80% done-for-you templates to download & use so you can do more important things.

Step-by-step workflow process for profitable projects

No more projects being dragged out with no end date in sight or wondering if you'll be able to get results for clients. Use the step-by-step in-depth process.

Full step-by-step training, nothing left out

Next Level fills in the missing gaps in your business. Everything from specific clients to target to short-term & long-term lead generation strategies & more.

An outlined path to follow

Not sure where to start and just want the steps? Pick your desired success path and just follow the steps & use the resources listed for your specific path.

Plus, gain access to all these Portable Entrepreneur products…

Profitable Projects: Web Design Workflow Process

Solve 90% of your Agency problems with this workflow. Easily demonstrate your value, sell clients, add recurring revenue & grow your client's businesses.

Value $397

Agency (Freelancer) Website Copy

Not sure what to write on your agency website? Simply tweak this done-for-you copy and be done in a hour.

Value $67

Automated Client Email Campaign

A done-for-you 5-email automated client getting series. Includes planning sheets, email templates & funnel map.

Value $47

Agency Template Bundle

Access agency documents and templates to use immediately so you stay focused on what matters most.

Value $197

Outsource It!

Build out your team or outsource your projects. Includes my outsourcing contacts, templates & documents.

Value $97

Niche Selection Kit

Stuck selecting a niche? Find out what questions to ask & where to find answers so you can make a decision.

Value $47

Project Pricing Calculator

Know where your time is really going, how to set a profitable base price & how many clients you need.

Value $9

Digital Marketing Playbooks

Access 12+ playbooks designed to take you from newbie to implementing a marketing play the same day.

Value $149

+ Next Level Training ($997 value)

Next Level Monthly


to start, then $97 / month

  • All agency training
  • Full suite of resources, templates & SOPs
  • Web design workflow process
  • Agency website copy
  • Automated client email campaign
  • Agency template bundle
  • Rolodex of outsourcing contact
  • Niche selection kit
  • Project pricing calculator
  • Digital marketing playbooks
  • Predictably Profitable Websites (releasing now)
  • All future updates (as long as you are a member)
  • Mobile app (for training on the go)

Next Level Annual

$970 / year

  • All agency training
  • Full suite of resources, templates & SOPs
  • Web design workflow process
  • Agency website copy
  • Automated client email campaign
  • Agency template bundle
  • Rolodex of outsourcing contact
  • Niche selection kit
  • Project pricing calculator
  • Digital marketing playbooks
  • Predictably Profitable Websites (releasing now)
  • All future updates (as long as you are a member)
  • Mobile app (for training on the go)
  • Save $244 (with no monthly payments)


>> Is this for new or established entrepreneurs?

Both. The 90-day success paths are designed to meet you where you're at. If you're just getting started in business, you'll start with the first step. If you've already been working with clients, you'll start with the aspect of your business that you want to improve. 

>> I'm not sure I have enough digital marketing skills.

I get it. I didn't either when I first started. Here we don't play the comparison game. You know…that person over there is “farther ahead” so I can't do it type of deal.

Rather, this is about looking at where you are now and where you want to go so you can decide on a path that works for you. Maybe that's outsourcing services. Maybe that's providing a service that doesn't require experience to get you started while you continue to learn. Maybe that's building an income site to practice on before you offer services. Or maybe you never offer services. 

In Next Level, all of those options are fine. Because it's about you.

I give you the process, knowledge and personal feedback to be able to quickly go from ‘learning to implementation' in order to generate the results that matter most for you and for your clients.  Before you decide you don't know enough, let's first determine which path is best for you, who you are going to serve (if anyone) and how you want to run your business to determine what you actually need to know.

>> Does the program work if I'm outside of the United States?

Absolutely! There are entrepreneurs from Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Italy, New Zealand, England and others who are working on growing their agency. 

>> Do I have to pay for updates & new trainings?

No, once you join Next Level, you receive access to all new training, newly added SOPs as they are created as well as long as you are a member.

>> Do I have to provide web design and SEO?

Nope. This is your business. Your job is to provide the service or services that help get results for your clients. Some entrepreneurs provide web design or SEO, while others provide Facebook Ads and other services. 

>> Is there a guarantee of success?

Nope, sorry.  Only you can guarantee your success. You have to choose to show up and follow the process. That can't be done for you. 

This is not a get rich quick scheme and your business isn't going to create itself. Will this work if you put in the work and follow the process? Yes. But YOU have to show up and put in the work. What you receive helps you bypass a LOT of time figuring it all out yourself, creating systems and learning how to serve clients in a way that generates results. 

>> I'm not sure I have the time right now

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that we need to be self-reliant for our income even if we are still employed by someone else.

The best time to starting building your business is right now. If you're waiting for the “perfect” time or for when you know more or when you can have nothing else going on in your life…that isn't going to happen. Your success isn't dependent on how much time you have available. It's dependent on how you use that time. And the path you decide to take here is going to be dependent on a number of factors, including how much time you have available. I would recommend at least 5 hours per week. And then we can make sure you know exactly what to work on during that time to see the results you're after.

Ultimately, you can take this at your own pace. This isn't a race. Consistency is what is most important.

>> I don't have money to invest in a business

Whether you have $0 or $50,000 to invest in a business is fine. That's your starting point and what other people have available is irrelevant to you. 

With $0 invested your options are to start serving clients (fastest path to income typically) or to build a website asset.

Purchasing tools, software, etc. isn't a requirement for getting started.

If later you decide to purchase tools, you can purchase them using client money after they make a deposit so there is no money out of pocket for you. 

Any investment should make you money. Imagine if you only land 1 lower paying client per month at $1,000. That's $12,000 per year assuming you don't add on any recurring revenue streams or charge higher prices.  Getting started now is the fastest way to get to where you want to be, no matter where you are starting from.

What Other Entrepreneurs Like You Say…

Joining gave me the confidence to choose a direction and to narrow my niche down. Within 90 days of joining I closed over $10,000.

Meghan H. // Digital Marketer

Well explained. Good quality & helpful. Chistine is excellent and it's very clear she has wide experience in SEO and the business of SEO. I am learning so much and being introduced to a myriad of helpful tools I never knew existed, as well as a cohesive overall strategy for getting new clients.

Ben I. // SEO Agency Owner

Christine provides a fantasic way to simplify and streamline how to think about finding and closing great web design and SEO clients. She is pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended for any SEO or web dev starting out and looking to land high quality clients.

Mike K. // Web Designer

Excellent advice. If you need more clients, then you need this. Well worth the investment. Christine is great at answering questions. Highly recommended.

Sirus A. // Web Design Entrepreneur

It's great to see help with mindset like dealing with fears and getting out of our comfort zones that you won't find elsewhere.

Michael Q. // Entrepreneur

Very succinctly and expertly answered many of my questions on where to actually start. Thanks for assuaging most of my doubts as well. I feel more confident then ever.

Anthony A. // Web Designer

She's reactive (answers your questions), very clear, honest and most of all she really wants you to succeed.

Hitch B. // Developer

I'm always impressed with the depth and detail Christine goes into. She helps build confidence and has the actionable steps to make things happen and get results. This has helped me immednsly!

John S. // Entrepreneur

Lots of great ideas included. I love the specificity. Everything is easy to implement and is structured logically. Happy that I've come away both with new ideas and confidence that they work.

Matt F. // Entrepreneur

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