Google Search Console: How to Set-up, Use to Rank Higher & Get More Traffic

Everyone is always asking for free SEO tools, well…here you go, and it’s directly from Google. You’re going to be blow away by the amount of free information your Google Search Console account will give you and you’ll wish you had paid attention to this a lot sooner.

If you own a website or manage websites for clients, it’s likely you’ve heard about Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). You may have even spent some time setting up your account but haven’t quite figured out all the features and exactly why you should be monitoring your account in the first place.Let me tell you, if you haven’t been using this free account, you’re really missing out!By the end of this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll have a full understanding of your Google Search Console account, how to use it and how to benefit from it.Soo…let’s jump right in!Here is the video tutorial and best of all you can jump to a specific section if you’re looking for something in particular or ever need to refer back. Just check the time stamps below the video.? Specifically we’ll cover:

  • How to uncover ‘not provided’ keywords in Google Analytics
  • Why you want to connect your Google Analytics account with your Google Search Console account (hint: more keywords)
  • How to identify “quick wins” for SEO to start getting more traffic today
  • What errors Google sees on your site that you may not
  • How to receive feedback from Google on how they view your site (plus, how you can improve it)
  • and so much more


00:00 Getting Started00:26 Adding Your Property (Website)03:00 Verifying Property Ownership05:42 International Targeting07:18 Connect Google Analytics (to uncover keywords)10:44 Check for Security Issues11:54 Submit a Sitemap17:58 Coverage Report19:07 Coverage Report – Errors20:23 Coverage Report – Excluded25:08 Coverage Report – Valid With Warning25:50 Removals to remove URLs from search results28:30 Coverage Report – Excluded URLs30:00 Performance Report (find keywords you rank for & how to get more traffic from those rankings)40:35 Discover external links, internal links & anchor text42:22 External Links43:22 Anchor Text51:45 Crawl Budget

? RESOURCES ?Google Search Console: https://search.google.com/search-console/Core Web Vitals Report: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9205520?hl=enVerify Site Ownership: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9008080?hl=en&ref_topic=9455938Why Use Google Search ConsolePerhaps the biggest reason why you really want to use this free account for all of your sites is because when Google crawls your website they will give you a report telling you what they like and dislike about your site. With this information in hand, you can improve your site, boost its performance and help it to rank higher in search results.More specifically Google Search Console will:

  • tell you which keywords are sending traffic to your site
  • inform you if your site has back links that Google does not like
  • scan your content and check for any duplicate content
  • inform Google which pages you actually want them to index
  • tell you which keywords are sending traffic to your site
  • allow you to upload a site map to tell Google about all of the pages on your site and how often you update the site so they will know how often you would like them to crawl your site.
  • On top of that Google also notifies you of other areas, including malware or hacking so you can take fast action before it effects your rankings

Benefiting From The Google Search ConsoleHopefully you now can see just how important your Google Search Console account is and what a valuable tool it can be when you are working on a website. It really can’t get much better than Google telling you directly about any issues they see with your site. On top of that, they give you this information for free so you can use this as a blueprint to help increase and protect your rankings. If you have not already, go and set up your Google Search Console account. Make sure to regularly check in on it and of course, don’t forget to set up those email notifications.

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