Get Paid to Test Getting Results for Clients

Here at Portable Entrepreneur, I often talk a lot about focusing on getting results for clients, understanding where a business is now and where they want to be, what's working what's not, etc.

All this so we can help them put together a plan to get more leads, customers, and sales for their business.

I know you really want to be able to get results like this for your clients, you really want to be able to make an actual difference for these businesses, but you don't always know exactly how to go about doing that, or if you are actually going to be able to get those types of results.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be that hard to do this.

Here I'm going to show you a way that is really a win-win for both you and the client.

This way you can get businesses to agree to work with you while you are still up front with them about your skills.

This is a really good option because you're going to be able to be upfront with the client letting them know this is what you want to be able to prove,

“I want to be able to show I can increase leads and customers for a business. I have some strategies I want to try out and I want to work with your business on that.”

But if they know you're in this learning process, they know that you need to test it out, you don't have actual proof to show just yet.

The Risk for The Client

There is a bit of a risk for the client, especially if they have to pay. To overcome this risk, an option you can use is to offer this service to your clients and agree to get paid only when you deliver results.

This way it eliminates risk for the client because they're not going to pay if you actually don't end up being able to get results for them.

Getting Paid

But of course, you do get paid when you actually show up, you do the work, you follow any of the resources here that I share with you and you start bringing in more leads and customers for this particular business.

Even if you get paid a smaller amount that first month, you can keep working on it and grow those results.

You will get paid more that next month and so forth, but what really happens here is you are building up your own confidence, you are learning you can get these results and you're seeing what has and hasn't worked, but now you have some proof of what you can do.

Once You Have Results

Now you've gotten results and you're able to take those results and go to client #2 with them. Now you can say…

“Hey, I've worked with a business like yours, this is where they were and this is what I was able to do for them. Look at these results.”

And now they're going to be willing to pay you up front because they want those results that you were able to get

This is a wonderful way to get you actual hands-on experience.

What to Do Now

You can keep reading all you want. You can watch all the videos you want. But if you don't actually take that information you've just consumed and go apply it, it's not going to prove anything to you or to any other business owner.

You got to get out there and get some real hands-on experience.

Offering to get paid for results is a wonderful way to reduce that risk for a client and still get paid. When you have an opportunity like this, you're going to show up.

You want to get those results so you're going to be in there doing everything you can to get those results.

You'll be asking questions to those who have done it, you can come over to our Facebook group and ask questions so we can help point you in the right direction, so you can make sure you do get those results for clients.

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