October 10

⚡ Build Lightning Fast WordPress Websites With No Coding

Today I'm going to show you how to build a WordPresss website using the GeneratePress theme. Watch over my shoulder as I build the site step-by-step with no coding at all and score a 99/100 on Google's PageSpeed Insights test. 

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Happy Customers

After setting up the brand new website using GeneratePress and tested it on Google PageSpeed Insights, it immediately scored a 99/100.

If you are looking for how to use a specific part of the GeneratePress theme, you can use the video timestamps:

00:00 Intro to Generate Press
03:45 Install Generate Press Theme
05:03 Download Generate Press Premium Plugin
05:17 Generate Press Premium Module Overview
06:04 Installing Generate Press Plugin
06:35 Add Generate Press License Key
07:09 Activate Generate Press Modules
08:00 Generate Press Site Library
09:04 Customizer: Site Identity
10:30 Customizer: Layout
37:47 Customizer: Colors
38:18 Customizer: Typography
38:38 Customizer: Background Images
39:24 Customizer: General
40:12 Customizer: Menus
42:48 Customizer: Homepage Settings
44:29 Creating Elements
45:04 The 4 Types of Elements & Examples
47:18 Page Settings (Layout)
48:49 Homepage Header (Block Element)
57:29 Creating a Hook (for External Scripts)
59:38 Creating the Homepage
1:02:53 Creating a Blog Post Header (with Menu Merge)
1:10:42 Creating a Sidebar
1:02:53 Creating a Custom Footer
1:18:57 Final Site Tasks
1:19:12 The Final Site Reveal

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