Are Your Web Design & SEO Clients Already Paying For Advertising?

Wouldn’t it be nice to approach a client knowing they already have money to invest in their business and that they are already investing that money in marketing? After all, why waste time trying to sell a business who may not have enough money to invest in themselves in the first place. Here I’m going to show show you how you can find this.This is really helpful information to have before you approach a client and you’d be surprised just how much of this information you can find. With this information you can walk into a client meeting knowing what they can afford and how you can price your services. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how to find out what a business spends on advertising.Now only is this good information to have pre-meeting, this is also a great way to find potential clients who could benefit from your web design or SEO services. If they’re paying for advertisements they may not be converting visitors on their site well enough and they may not be appearing organically in search results but they understand the value there.

The first step is to start off doing a quick Google search. So let’s say I am serving lawn care businesses and I am going to do a search for ‘lawn care New York.’ At the top you’ll see all the paid advertisements and again at the bottom of the search results page. If you’re looking for clients you can then look to see if any of the paid advertisers are also appearing in the organic search results. If not, you now have a potential lead. Especially if you’re providing SEO services, these companies understand the monetary value of a 1st page ranking so much so that they are paying to be there.

We often resort to Google but don’t forget you can also take a look at Bing and Yahoo as well and repeat this process.Now the question is, how much are they spending?First thing you need to do is grab the URL.Next, open up and insert the URL into the search box.

Next you’ll be presented with a lot of data on this company including approximately how many paid keywords they are ranking for, how many clicks they receive and approximately how much money they spend on advertising per month.

You’ll see their broken down between paid advertisements and organic searches. This will give you an idea of how much organic traffic they get and how much traffic they are after. If they’re spending money for this additional traffic, it’s worth it to them.Now depending on the size of the business you’re dealing with, you may see a range in terms of monthly spending.

The next site we’re going to visit is BuiltWith allows you to put in your domain and then find out everything about the website. You’ll find out what technology it uses (platforms, hosting, frameworks, email, and so on) as well as advertising.If the company is using various marketing and advertising channels, you’ll be able to see a list of what they’re using here.

This is where you can see how much effort they put towards advertising, what marketing services they are currently using that you may be able to help them improve and what marketing channels they may not be exploring yet so you can help them.Side tip: you can also use SpyFu and BuiltWith to see how your direct competitors are receiving traffic and where they are spending their advertising dollars which can help you better market your own services.When you’re looking for new leads or preparing to speak with a new client, it’s helpful to take just a couple of minutes to get a better picture of the business’ current marketing efforts and this is the process that will help you do exactly that.

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