9 Services to Sell Using This 1 Tool

I'm going to need for you to bear with me for just a minute here because I'm about to tell you about a single tool that will help you  provide 9 separate services with:

  • barely any effort on your part
  • no prior experience needed from you and
  • over half of the services are actually done on a recurring basis so yes recurring revenue!

And yes, the services do all provide actual value and will make an impact on the businesses you serve.

Note:  to be able to see how to use the tool to offer these services, make sure to watch the video above.

I actually want you to be able to provide helpful services to businesses regardless of what your experience is. This is a way for you to add real value to a business without a whole lot of effort and still be able to add recurring revenue to your business.

I'm going to take you behind the scenes to, of course not only show you what these nine separate services are, I'm also going to show you the tool to use and exactly where to go in order to be able to provide each service. 

Now the nine different services that we're going to be talking about are all in some form or fashion related to content and the tool that we're going to be using to do this is called Conversion.ai.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you sign up for a free trial (use this link to get 10,000 bonus words). And you can use the trial as a way to offer one of these services to an existing client or anew client.

But I Don't Write Content

If you're thinking, “I don't write, i don't want to write or I don't want to provide content based services,” that's exactly why I am sharing this with you.

If you have provided any type of web design, SEO or digital marketing services to clients, you know what a struggle it is to be able to get that content from clients and when they actually get it to you, have it actually be good.

In order to have websites that convert, to have SEO that performs really well or other marketing services that perform well, we need strong content.

This is so incredibly important to the work that you do for clients but of course not all of us have time to study copywriting and be really good copywriters so that is exactly why we're going to be using this tool. It's going to do the writing for you

Here we're going to run through these 9 different services but make sure to watch the video to see how to get it done. 

Service #1: Conversion Focused Site Copy

Conversion focused site copy. This is the copy that is going to turn that SEO traffic into leads and paying customers so it's so incredibly important.

If you think about the home page, all the services pages and product pages, these need to be conversion focused.

What we're going to do is inside our conversion.ai dashboard, we're going to come over to the templates section. Here you will see this has all of the different templates that already exist and they're constantly adding new ones.

At the top, there are a few tabs and for this we're going to click on the website section.

Here you'll see there are some tools specifically related to content for a website. For conversion focused site copy, depending on what copy you need written, you'll be using tools like:

  • Perfect headline
  • Website sub headline
  • Persuasive bullet points 
  • Company bio
  • Feature to benefit
  • Unique value proposition

We know how important it is to sell the benefits of a product or service and not just the features but most businesses don't do that. This is where we can take some of their existing content even and be able to rewrite this or better yet have this tool rewrite it for us, so the copy better sells for them.

​Watch the video above for a specific example.

Service #2: Blog Content

Next up is blog content. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how important it is to have a blog especially for SEO purposes and visitor engagement. ​

The problem is creating blog posts takes a LOT of time. 

Lucky for us, we now know better. 

Click on the blog tab and here we can:

  • Have blog post topic ideas generated for us
  • Have blog post outlines drafted
  • Blog intro paragraph written
  • Outro paragraph written 
  • Meta title & descriptions written (for SEO & higher click rates)
  • Paragraphs written (using the long form assistant tool)

See how some of this is done for a pest control company as an example in the video above.

When you're ready to have a blog post written quickly, here's what you'll do:

  1.  Generate a blog post idea (using the Blog Post Topic Ideas tool)
  2.  Draft an outline (using the Blog Post Outline tool)
  3.  Write the SEO meta title & descriptions (using the SEO –  Blog Posts – Title & Meta Description tool)
  4.  Write the introduction paragraph (using the Blog Post Intro Paragraph tool)
  5.  Expand on the outline (using the Persuasive Bullet Points tool)
  6.  Expand upon the content (using the Content Improver tool)

And you're done!

Service #3: Google My Business Posts

Many local businesses are not taking advantage of using Google My Business posts to engage prospective and current customers. 

I've covered this specifically in a separate video so I'm not going to cover this here although this is going to follow the same pattern as the other services we have covered so far.

With conversion.ai, you can have Google My Business posts written for you including:

  • What's new 
  • Events 
  • Product descriptions 
  • Offer posts 

This is a great recurring service!

Service #4: Social Media Management

The 4th service you can offer is social media management.

Think about how you can engage with an audience such as creating :

  • Questions
  • Quizzes
  • Polls 

In the social media section of our dashboard, we'll see some different options including Pinterest and Instagram. One of my favorite is the engaging question tool which helps us come up with questions to ask an audience or customer base to get them interacting with the business.

You can also create poll questions and multiple choice answers to engage a community and also get feedback. Conversion.ai will help you create poll topics. 

Service #5: Paid Ads

If you are not experienced at all in helping businesses with paid ads, what we can do is click on the ads section in our conversion.ai account. 

Here you'll have 2 options for ads – Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Both of them have a headline tool and a primary text tool.

So for instance, if we go into the Facebook ad headline tool, this is going to allow us to put in a company or product name, the product description and the tone that we're looking for (funny, casual, professional) and then it is going to give us some conversion focused ad copy.

The copy of the ad is everything and if you already have ads running that are not getting high conversions or click-thru rate, use this.

This will give you a few different outputs. You can look to see which one looks best, tweak them a bit or even combine them if you really want / need to.

Service #6: Reputation Management

Reputation Management is especially important for local businesses.

Having reviews is incredibly important as it helps a business land more customers. ​

So how can you help businesses with reputation management?

Being able to respond to reviews is one. This really shows a business is active and appreciates feedback. Making sure the business is responding to both positive and negative feedback looks really good to potential customers.

Inside conversion.ai, there is a tool called Review Responder. Use this to write responses to public customer reviews.

In Review Responder, we're able to put in:

  • the company or product name​
  • the reviewers name​
  • their rating​
  • what kind of tone of voice does the business typically use
  • the actual customer review here 

And then the tool will generate responses for you. Super easy!

This is a service I really like because this is another one of those “quick wins.”

Here's another “quick win” service…

Service #7: Quick SEO Traffic with Meta Title & Description Updates

The next service you can provide is one of my favorite. It allows you to take impressions the website is already getting in search results and increase the click-thru rate.

Well written meta titles and descriptions that display in SERPs get more click thrus. Even for pages that are not appearing in the top positions, this will help increase the site's traffic from impressions that site already has.

Not sure how many impressions a website is getting? Log-in to the site's Google Search Console account to see.

Conversion.ai will write titles and meta descriptions for:

  • Blog posts
  • Home pages
  • Product pages
  • Service pages 

Here's a good way to start with this…

Take a look at the rankings for a business. Take some of their top rankings (ranking on the first couple of search result pages), now go in and generate some additional versions of the meta titles and description.

Now monitor the results to see if the updated titles and descriptions are bringing in more traffic. 

Then of course, if we are offering some of these other services so that the copy actually converts on the website, well now we're going to start seeing higher conversions, more leads and more customers coming in.

If you want to get more into meta title & description testing, check out Meta Click Pro. This will tell you which pages to focus on for the biggest wins and see how well your changes have improved your click thru rate.

Service #8: Email Marketing

Email marketing is the 8th service you can provide and just like with the other services, you can get most of the work done for you using conversion.ai

In the template section, click on Email and here you'll be able to use tools like:

  • Email subject lines
  • Product descriptions
  • Persuasive bullet points

I recommend generating a number of outputs here for what the email subject line is going to be to give you more ideas. The right subject line is going to get you more opens. And of course, the more opens you have, the more clicks you will get. Yep, we need to get those conversions up! ​

If you have a business owner providing the content, you can also take the content and run it through the Content Improver tool to improve any of that copy.

There is also a blank template you can use put in the topic you want to talk about for the email and allow it to generate it for you. Throw in some of the persuasive bullet points that were written for you to break-up the email and you may start seeing more sales from those emails.

Service #9: E-Commerce Product Descriptions (that Sell)

When it comes to selling products, the description copy is VERY important. It really makes the different between a product that doesn't sell and one with high sales.

That's why the 9th service we're looking at is product descriptions.

For this, you'll want to visit the e-commerce section and use the product description tool.

Even if a business sells products in store without an e-commerce shop, their website may talk about their products and these descriptions are incredibly important for attracting sales and more store traffic.

You can also use these descriptions on:

  • Websites
  • Email 
  • Social media 
  • Google My Business posts

These product descriptions are what will actually sell those products.


Hopefully this has really helped you see one not only how incredibly important these services actually are for these businesses, how you're going to be able to provide real value, how this helps convert more SEO traffic into leads and actual customers but also just how darn easy this is for to do even if you don't have experience doing this.

You can now take a task that previously took hours and hours to complete from scratch and now drastically shrink the amount of time you need to spend doing this.

This is a win-win all around!

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