5-Week Rankings: The complete step-by-step program to SEO  

Tired of not seeing results? That ends now.

From newbie to pro, it's all about action. That's why you're not just learning, you're doing. Here we walk step-by-step through the absolute entire SEO process while you do the work so by the end of the training you website will be on it's way to the top of search results for most profitable keywords. 

And you'll be a part of a supportive community lead by an SEO with over 10 years of experience. 

The 5-Week Action Plan

Getting Started

To get started we'll make sure you have everything in place. You'll discover more about your market, your users, set-up various important accounts correctly and determine the specific goals you will be working towards. 

Profitable Research

The fastest way to lose at SEO is to not start with proper research. The right keyword research will help you appear for the most profitable keywords, help you feel confident you can rank highly and know what you need to do to achieve those rankings. These are steps that simply can't be overlooked. Your success depends on it.

On-Page Optimization

With the most profitable keywords selected we're going to dive into the specific tasks needed to properly optimize your website. These tasks alone can send your website soaring through the rankings quickly without any additional steps. We'll be covering dozen of checks, why they're important and specifically how to check for and fix errors. You'll want to check your rankings after this!

Link Building & Off-Site Optimization

Link building can be overwhelming but no more! We're breaking it down so you will have a specific, actionable link building plan you feel confident implementing. Dozens and dozens of link building opportunities will be broken down. You'll know how to find them and how to pursue them. Plus we'll talk social media and citation building. If your website hasn't reached the top spots just yet, these steps will get you there. 

Ongoing SEO Tasks

SEO isn't a one time task. It's ongoing which is why we're going to break down what you should be consistently working on and when. We'll be covering everything from rank tracking, audits, content, social media, testing and more.


I may have a few extra bonus topics I'll be covering to help you have a top performing website that is constantly growing. I'll share those with you soon!

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