15 Reasons to Use Semrush (including 55+ Marketing Tools)

Semrush is my favorite all-in-one SEO tool and it continually gets better and better. If you want an SEO tool, whether to help you with your SEO clients, your own business or personal projects, Semrush has some pretty powerful features that can't be ignored.

I see many people constantly looking for the next new, shiny SEO tool rather than picking a tool they can grow with and learn about.

Semrush is that SEO tool so you won't have to worry about having to switch to another tool to change different features and start learning from scratch.

Here's 15 reasons why you should be using Semrush too.

#1 Access 55+ Marketing Tools & Reports from a Single Dashboard

You can finally end your search for multiple tools that you have to piece together. Semrush has over 55 marketing tools and reports that cover everythign you need.

These tools include the big marketing categories like:

  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Market research
  • Advertising
  • Social media management

See all Semrush features >

#2 Track Organic Rankings & SERP Features

When working on SEO, tracking your rankings is important to be able to see what's working.

With Semrush, you can track your site's organic rankings, your competitors rankings AND see if you have gained any additional SERP features that make you stand out more like:

  • Site links
  • Videos
  • People also ask
  • Images
  • Local pack
  • Reviews
  • Knowledge panel

See the position tracker >

#3 Lots of Free Tools (Without a Paid Account)

Especially when you don't have revenue coming in to your business or site, paying for a tool can feel like a lot. When first getting started, I always recommend starting with revenue generating tools first.

Luckily with Semrush, you can access some data and work on your site even before you're ready to upgrade to a paid account.

Some of the things you can do are:

  • Perform Keyword research
  • Run a competitor analysis
  • Track your site's keyword rankings
  • Run a technical website audit
  • Audit your local listings 
  • Manage your social accounts

Here are 12 things you can do with a free Semrush account. Or watch this video where I show you what you can do.

#4 Helpful Web Agency Tools

If you're serving clients, you may be surprised to learn that Semrush has many helpful tools for web agencies that you may be missing out on.

Some of these tools include:

  • CRM
  • Task manager
  • Marketing calendar
  • White label reports
  • Lead generation tool
  • Shareable calendar
  • Client portal

I show you more about these agency tools here.

#5 Get Tons of Keyword Magic Tool

The Keyword Magic Tool gives you seemingly endless amounts of keyword ideas. And because there are so many keywords, you can sort those by volume, difficult and more.

I like to download the list of keywords so I can sort them, group them, track what I'm going to work on and make any notes in a spreadsheet.

#6 Full Manage All Your Social Media Management

Semrush actually has an excellent social media management tool built right in. It allows you to:

  1. Track your competitor's social accounts
  2. Post to various social media accounts (immediately, in a queue or even schedule over time after seeing the best days and times to post for audience engagement and views)
  3. Analyze your performance

TRY: The FREE Semrush Social Media Management Tool

What I particularly like, especially if your are working with local business clients, is that you can post to Google Business Profile. Plus, you can also post to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Google Business Profile

#7 Find High Quality Backlink Opportunities

Link building is very important but finding back links that are actually worth your time going after can be tough.

The Semrush Backlink Analytics tool shows you where others who are ranking are getting back links so you have a full list of ideas to start with.

#8 Benefit from Internal Links

Internal link building is one form of link building that many site owners completely overlook.

I always work on internal link building first.

And yes, I often see a boost in rankings and traffic following.

Semrush has an internal linking report inside the Site Audit tool.

This audits your internal links so you can see which pages have internal links, how many links pages have and which pages are orphan pages (don't link to anything).

#9 See Competitor Keywords (that You're Not Ranking For)

The Keyword Gap Tool finds all the gaps in keywords between the keywords your competitors are ranking for and those you are not.

Since there is a good chance you can rank for these keywords if your competitors are, this will help you find additional keyword possibilities.

#10 Get Content Topic Ideas

Coming up with ideas for what to write can be tough. There's nothing more frustrating than starring at a blank screen, not knowing what in the world to write about.

Wheter you're writing:

  • a blog post
  • e-book
  • a headline
  • or even coming up with a podcast

You can get some help. The Topic Research Tool will help you pull together a list of content ideas.

Simply type in an idea and you'll be presented with expandable cards, each with relevant subtopics and useful data like volume and difficulty.

#11 Create SEO Content Templates

The SEO Content Template tool helps you create better performing content.

This will give you specific SEO recommendations for keywords, backlinks, text length, page title & description and other on-page optimization.

This is esepcially great if you outsource content writing, as you can provide SEO guidelines in one place and use the SEO Writing Assistant tool to ensure the content is optimized before publishing.

#12 Regular Improvements & Upgrades

Of any piece of software I've used, Semrush is the one that has consistently kept getting better. They listen to feedback and are always looking for how to continue to improve their software.

They update their current features, create new tools, add integrations and expand their capabilities. You can stay on top of their updates here.

All this means you continue to be able to access more and more, without having to find a new tool or pay more.

#13 Access to Thorough Documentation

With a lot of powerful features, you want to have thorough documentation that walks you not only through how to use each of the tools, but also how to get the most data out of every report and tool you use.

Semrush definitely doesn't skimp on documentation as you can see in their knowledge base.

#14 Lots of Marketing & SEO Education Material

Semrush is consistently presenting educational material in their Academy on all things SEO and marketing related including:

So no matter what your style of learning is, they have something for you.

#15 Jump on a Free Demo & Get Support

If you're not sure about Semrush or you want to get more hands on support, you can sign-up for a free trial demo where you can ask Semrush related questions, learn how to use the software to achieve your marketing goals and receive a dedicated point of contact.

You can request a free trial demo here.

Get a Free 30-Day Semrush Trial

The best way to test out Semrush features, gather data and see if Semrush is for you, is to test it out. While normally Semrush offers a 7-day free trial you can click here to get a 30-day free trial.

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