November 11

What to Include in Website Maintenance Packages

I want to make sure that you are adding recurring revenue to your business. Especially if you are offering web design services, you're really offering a service that's a one-off project so you're getting paid one time and then you're left to find a new client a new project in order to continue generating revenue.

So one of the easiest ways to add recurring revenue to your business is by offering website maintenance services so here I want to make sure that you are clear on what you can be adding inside your website maintenance packages to make them valuable for your clients and really make them easier to sell when we believe in what we do and the value we're offering it's easier to sell and of course then it's easier for our potential clients to see now one of the best reasons to offer website maintenance services is that this offers predictable income to your business when you have predictable income now you can depend on your business even more you know what is coming in and really just take some of the pressure off of you makes this more fun to do which is always good and when you have recurring revenue it also makes your business worth more which is always a good idea because you never know what you might want to do with your business in the future now as we go through some of the services that you can offer inside your website maintenance packages note that you do not need to offer all of these services inside your package you can offer what you want to and what you believe is going to offer the most value to your clients and as we go through these as well I want you to remember that if you don't want to offer these services or you don't know how to offer all these services you can automate a lot of the services inside these packages and you can also outsource a lot of them as well so really this offers you a nice profit margin with little to no work on your part and this is a really nice way to build up a recurring revenue stream in your business now you're also going to be able to protect and maintain the websites that you've built for the clients that you already have so this is a great way to just keep that communication going continue to provide value to those clients and what I love is that you're going to end up getting repeat work so for those of you who are tired of finding a new client after new client after new clients or wanting to depend on referrals this is a good way to get repeat work from the clients that you already have so let's talk about some of the services that you can offer within your website maintenance packages now one of the most basic things that you can offer are website updates and this means if you are on wordpress for example that wordpress has updates that come out and you need to update wordpress in order to keep the website functioning well and to make sure that you've closed any security loopholes that they may have found now this is also the same with website themes and website plugins that those regularly receive updates and you want to make sure that you are updating those all the time again to keep the website functioning well and to close any security loopholes now speaking of security this is also something that you can incorporate into these packages so this can be security monitoring this can be backing up the website any uptime monitoring so really the idea here is that you're making sure that the website is staying up and it is functioning as expected and functioning quickly and the way that I like to really talk to clients about this is for every minute every hour every day that their website is down or not functioning properly it is costing them money so when you talk about a loss of income that really gets their attention they start to listen more to you because no business owner wants to lose money and it's true if a website goes down especially let's say if it's an e-commerce store they're going to be losing sales the longer the website is not working or it is down completely so one of the services that i'd like to offer as well is malware removal and hack protection this means that if the website is ever infected with malware it is ever hacked that we will go in and we are going to restore the website to before that incident to make sure that it is up and running properly there's no issues with it no visitors are going to have any issues and because we're monitoring for that in a regular basis we're going to be able to catch it right away before it becomes a big issue before visitors are going to be alerted about it and we're going to make sure that we're not losing out on any sales or potential leads coming into the business we also can look at performance optimization so this could be database optimization this could be page speed optimization these are the types of tasks that are making sure that the website is operating as quickly as possible because again we want to make sure that any leads are that are coming into the website are going to convert and we want to make sure that we keep those sales phone calls all of that coming in for the business so the faster the website is working the more conversions that we're going to see so again this is also about performance and making sure that the website is getting as much outcome as much results as possible for that business owner now this is also one of the reasons why I like to look at a monthly google analytics report this is something that we're able to send over to the client uh when we look at the overall website maintenance package or that website maintenance report that we can send over basically letting them know what has been done so they can see that what they're actually getting but the reason why we like to look at the analytics report is we want to see what is happening with the website are the users actually doing what we expected to are we getting conversions on the website is it improving continually and what we can do is we we include in these packages a certain number of hours that we can update the website this could be some basic changes like some content additions or changes this could be image changes and so on but we can also look at how can we test the website can we change button colors can we change copy can we change the layout of a page so that can be something you can choose to include as website maintenance or you can just offer that separately outside of that package but why we want to look at the analytics is because we're constantly looking at how are we improving this business and it can drum up some additional work for them as well now if you want to sell or resell a hosting and domains this is a great way to incorporate that all in one package when you have a client sign up because they don't see a separate charge for hosting it's all incorporated into the website maintenance package so in the event that the client stops with website maintenance down the road they will still be hosting the website with you and you would still have that revenue so that's a great way to add all of that in and take the expense from somewhere else and incorporate it right into the package that you are providing now one of the things that I really like to offer is a quarterly business review and this is where we will sit down and we will look at what is happening with the website we will look at their outcomes again and what they're working towards is the website still operating the way that they expect is there anything that we need to tweak do they have any new promotions coming up do they have any new products or services that they are going to release so you can see this is going to help them see what website maintenance has done for them we want to keep the focus on what the outcomes are the results that they want more leads customers and sales from their website and it's also going to help bring up new work because not all of the work that may be discussed is going to be incorporated into the website maintenance plan that's why it's very important to be very clear from the beginning what is and is not included in your website updates so that way whenever something comes up you can refer back to what you told them at the beginning and documented so that they can see that clearly and everyone is happy on the same page and they know exactly what to expect moving forward so as you can see there are several things that you can add within your website maintenance package some of these you only need to do once a month a lot of these you can automate or you can completely outsource which is a great way to go and that way you're adding recurring revenue to your business while you stay high level working on growing the leads coming into your business staying focused on more profitable projects that are coming into your business and allowing others to focus on offering your maintenance services while you still provide value to your clients so I hope this was helpful next time we're going to be talking about how to actually sell a website maintenance services to your clients which is of course very important but we want to start off understanding what goes into these packages before we go out there and pitch them to our clients so if you like this video please make sure to subscribe hit that notification bell so 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