Quarterly Business Reviews: Get More Work From Past & Current Clients

If you're like most agency owners, you want to start experiencing more consistent revenue in your business.

This means part of your agency process really needs to include:

(1) How you're going to continue to support your clients on a monthly basis
(2) How you're going to re-engage with previous clients so

This way you have more work without necessarily having to go out and generate more leads for your business.

I want to share with you a very important strategy you can start to use in your business and this strategy is one that really shows your commitment to your clients, to their business, their growth and their success, while at the same time generating more consistent revenue for your business

And of course, I'm going to show you what this looks like so you can turn around and implement this in your own business.

Part of my process with clients is to offer a quarterly review.

With current clients, this is a great way to:

  • Revisit what's working
  • Look at past goals
  • What's been accomplished
  • Explore new opportunities for growth

So this is a really good way to continue to work with them for a really long time and for previous clients, this is where I like to reach out so I can:

  • Re-engage with them
  • See how things are going
  • Let them know where they're at right now
  • And present some new opportunities to help their business grow

This really gets them seeing the opportunities that exist, helps remind them about past goals they had and what they haven't yet accomplished.

Bringing all this back up is a good way to get them to re-engage with you.

Getting Prepared

Let's get you prepared for the upcoming quarter so you can start doing this for your clients.

Here we'll cover what you'll want to go over in these reviews.

There are 5 key areas that I like to cover in these reviews:

#1 Past Accomplishments

The first key area is past quarter accomplishments.

This is all about what were the previous quarter goals and what have we been able to accomplish in this past quarter.

This is a great opportunity to allow the client to speak and share with you what accomplishments or results they've seen in the past quarter and then of course you can share any additional results that you've seen accomplished.

#2 Goals for The Upcoming Quarter

The second area we want to cover are what are the goals for the upcoming quarter.

This is where I like the client to be able to speak first, to share with me everything they have on their mind about where they're going with their business, the direction they're headed and what they would like to see happen.

This way we make sure we're on the same page and then of course, I can share any additional goals that maybe the business owner hasn't considered just yet.

#3 Business Changes

The third area I want to cover are any changes in the business.

This is getting the business owner to speak and allow them to tell me any changes that have happened during the past quarter or even any changes that they foresee happening in the next quarter.

This could be changes to:

  • The team
  • New locations
  • New products or services
  • Different goals
  • A different direction they're thinking about heading

I encourage them to let me know about any changes even if they feel those are irrelevant to our work together because often times what we do will tie into other areas of the business.

This information can help me make sure what I'm doing is going to be in line with everything else going on in their business.

#4 New Opportunities

The fourth area is new opportunities and this is really my time to speak!

This is where I am bringing together everything I have prepared for this meeting in reviewing analytics, reviewing any other data, reviewing their websites audits and different things like that.

This has allowed me to come up with what new opportunities I can present to this client for us to work on together.

So this allows us to identify new areas for growth.

#5 Next Steps

Finally, we are looking at the last area which is of course, next steps.

This is where are we going from here, what are we going to do next to make sure we can hit these new goals, what do we need to do to continue to maintain or increase the previous goals that we had set.

Sometimes, this is changing the work we do on a monthly basis. Oftentimes this is actually keeping that work we already have and just adding even more work to it to hit those new goals and be able to continue to grow the business.

Following a Process

I have an entire process for how I prepare for and run these meetings and even how I follow up with these meetings because afterwards we need to make sure we are following up to really recap what happened during that meeting and what was discussed. This way we have that in writing and can also restate the next steps.

Now as with any of the work that we do, it is very important we keep the conversation around the outcomes the client wants to see, what problems they're facing and what solutions we are presenting to that.

This allows us to continue to educate the client without necessarily having to go into the technical details of exactly how we're going to get the work done.

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