June 13

This Tool Writes Site Copy for You (Blog Posts, Client Content, Site Copy & More)

Did you know you could use artificial intelligence to have your site copy written for you? This means headlines, emails, subject lines, blog posts, outlines and more.

Try it out here (and get 10,000 bonus words of copy to use!)

Whether you need content for your agency website, for client websites or even your own income sites, you actually can use artificial intelligence instead of having to spend hours upon hours writing the content yourself staring at a blank screen.

Instead of having to outsource the process or go through what seems like an endless process of hiring writer after writer, you basically get to use an automated copywriter that writes high quality content for you and sounds just like a human.

Ii mean, where was this when i was in college? 👩‍🎓

This software is powered by GPT3 technology from Open AI and it uses natural language processing to be able to write content like a human. 

I want to show you what this actually looks so you can see how artificial intelligence writes copy for you. 

What Copy You Can Have Written

There are so many ways to use this tool including:

  • Social media posts
  • Paid ads
  • Blog post topics & outlines
  • Blog post copy
  • Headlines
  • Meta tags
  • Emails
  • Subject lines
  • Lead magnets
  • and a lot more

In the video above, I use conversion.ai to show you how to create all this content. You'll be amazed at 1) how simple this is and 2) how amazingly well it writes.

Prepare for 🤯!

Once you are signed up, you'll come to the dashboard where you be presented with your copywriting options. Below you'll see just a few and you'll notice you can filter at the top by type of content so you can see just those options.

Start Writing & Testing

Imagine finally being able to write a blog post a week or have a queue of posts scheduled in your social media profiles. Or having your entire client email sequence done in a few days.

Or being able to sell services to clients like writing:

  • Product descriptions
  • Services copy
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Paid ad copy
  • Email marketing / newsletters
  • Google My Business posts
  • and more depending on the client's needs

Better yet, imagine having great copy and you see your conversions actually start to increase.

So if you (or your client) don't have the budget for a copywriter, this is an excellent option.

AI Copy & SEO

Conversion.ai is really help for enhancing SEO as copy is extremely important for SEO. 

After all, it's what helps us rank, it helps keep visitors on the site longer, it's what helps them convert into a paying customer and it even helps us generate more traffic when we have compelling meta tags.

Say for a moment, that you checked your Google Search Console account and noticed you had some pages with a lot of impressions but a low click thru rate. 

Jump over to conversion.ai dashboard and have the tool generate brand new titles and descriptions for you in seconds. Now you can monitor how well the new meta tags perform against the old (or use a tool like Meta Click Pro to monitor the results for you).

More Copy

For more examples including service pages and more, watch the video at the top of this post. You'll be able to see all the copy options and exactly how to do this. You won't regret it.

Don't forget to sign-up here to get your 10,000 bonus words you can use every month.

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