Don’t Quote or Build a Website Until You Do This

Do you know how frustrating it is to spend a lot of time speaking with a prospect, researching their business, exploring all the possibilities for a new website – only for them to just disappear, or write you off?

Or when you have a potential client asking you for help yet they can't really tell you exactly what they want but they expect for you to know?!

Or how about when you finalize the project – the client has hired you, paid you and somewhere along the line when you're almost done with the project, the client decides he wants something just a “little” bit different?

The truth is clients know that they want something different than what they have now but they don't always know what that should look like and that's why they're hiring you.

They can't guide themselves through this process and yet.

When you have a web design process it will guide you between sorting through the best clients to work with and the tire kickers and then guide you through digging deep enough into a business to fully understand their needs.

So if you're sick of things like:

  • Scope creep and misunderstandings
  • Clients attempting to micromanage your work
  • Not making much money on the projects because of all the changes and time delays

…then you should be selling website planning.

What This Looks Like

Before you ever quote or build a website, website planning is a step-by-step process for putting together a growth strategy for a business website by analyzing the current website, analyzing their competition, their competitors looking at the businesses, ideal audience, understanding of their goals and more.

This leaves you with a full understanding of the business and the direction that they want to head now.

This process involves both working with the business owner, sometimes some of their team members as well, and a lot of your own research.

But at the end of the day, this is going to save time and money.

More importantly, this is going to create better results and this applies to both you and the client.

A Roadmap

What is this actually going to do for you or the business owner, you ask?

A website plan is essentially a roadmap so that you know exactly what to do to get the results that the business wants and without this plan or roadmap you're just guessing by creating what you think will work or by applying generalized strategies.

Notice how earlier I said you should be selling website planning. Now, this does take time to do and that's exactly why most web designers just gather some basic information, send out a quote and then get to work because they're not getting paid for that time.

What I'm recommending you do is get paid for this time and go really in depth.

Now if this sounds like something that you want to do and you want to get even more details on this, see this free training on how to get paid for website planning. Here I dive into more specifics on what a website plan looks like, how to sell it, how much to charge for it and more.

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