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Web design certainly requires quite a bit of creativity as well as an understanding of how site visitors use a website in order to make a big impact. These days achieving a professional and unique website that gets results is easier than ever thanks to some amazing tools that have been made available. These tools help you create amazing and powerful websites faster and easier than ever before.

For anyone who creates multiple websites, you know how expensive it can be to purchase several website themes or templates and many can only be used on one site. The good news is there are several companies who now offer a subscription or membership payment which provides access to multiple themes and plugins which can often be used on an unlimited number of sites. Here we’ll look at the different options as well as costs (well, savings) of subscription theme sites.

These are in no particular order but I’ll start with my favorite.

Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes is a very flexible and powerful web theme provider with 87 different themes to choose from which means you can find a theme for any type of site you want to create. Elegant Theme also has several plugins they include with a subscription, one of which is the popular Divi Builder. The Divi Builder is a drag n’ drop page builder which helps you easily create any layout you desire. The builder can be used on any theme even those not created by Elegant Themes. More recently, Elegant Themes updated their most popular theme, Divi, to include a frontend visual builder which now allows you to make changes right on the live site. It’s incredible.

Click here to watch a free tutorial on how to use Divi’s frontend visual builder.

Elegant Themes has three subscription plans to choose from which range from $69 (the cost of just a single theme on other sites) to $249 for lifetime access.

In this video you’ll find a step-by-step guide to creating websites using the Divi builder:

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Woo Themes

Woo Themes now offers 63 themes in their collection. While Woo Themes service can definitely be used for personal projects like blogging, it is best suited for web developers and business owners who are looking to build a strong, professional and user intuitive website. Their themes are beautifully coded so they provide a solid and stable foundation when customizing the theme framework, page elements, shortcodes, widgets, and plugins. Speaking of plugins, Woo Themes offers five plugins that can be used to customize each website depending on your needs.

Woo Themes offers three packages depending on how many sites you’d like to use their themes on. The prices start at $19 per year and go up to $59 per year. There is a limit on the number of sites the themes and plugins can be used on unlike Elegant Themes which can be used on an unlimited number of sites.

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iThemes is a web theme provider that offers over 80 premium themes designed specifically for WordPress users. Unlike other web theme providers that focus on the overall look and website graphics, iThemes is more focused on their themes’ functionality. iThemes probably has the most functional web code and it also has great XHTML and WordPress options. Even with their focus on website functionality, iTheme’s designs and graphics are well thought out, are cleanly executed, and have great resolution.

iThemes offers four yearly subscription packages starting at $80 for 2 websites.

Visit iThemes here >


Tesla Themes


Tesla Themes currently has 18 themes available that can be purchased individually or through a subscription. The themes were created to meet the needs of all different types of websites. Some of Tesla’s most popular themes are Zoomy and Hudson. iThemes offers new themes each month and like Elegant Themes, they can be used for an unlimited number of sites.

Tesla’s themes can be purchased individually for $48 per theme (that include a number of other benefits) or as a subscription starting at $59 per year. A lifetime subscription is also available.

Visit Tesla Themes here >




Themify has 50 themes in its collection. While each theme has a unique set of functionalities, all of them also has a universal underlying set of features courtesy of Themify’s framework. What sets Themify apart is how fast the platform is able to turn a demo/test site into a full-fledged live website in a matter of minutes. Aside from this due to their extensive collection of themes, Themify has also built an equally extensive set of customizations to make each website as elegant and as professional as they can be without looking common or generic. Themify’s most popular theme is Ultra, which is probably one of the most versatile web themes on the market today. It has 32 demo websites and it is packed with many customization options making it a favorite for any web designer as you can make nearly an unlimited number of unique designs.

Themify offers four subscriptions plans or “clubs” as they call it, starting at $79 per year. Like some of the other subscription options, they also offer a lifetime master subscription.

Visit Themify here >


Thrive Themes


Thrive Themes only has 10 themes but don’t let that deter you from considering them. They offer a wide assortment of customization options and features,and their drag-and-drop system makes it easy to rearrange each theme to make it unique to your site’s purpose. Thrive Themes is focused on marketing, sales, SEO optimization and lead generation. Their most popular theme to date is Rise, which is a great option for business owners, online marketers and bloggers who want to attract customers to their site. The theme, just like other themes in the collection, is responsive and carefully coded so that it loads fast on any web browser.

Thrive Themes offers monthly subscription plans that allow you to use the themes on an unlimited number of websites including clients (depending on the plan).

Visit Thrive Themes here >

Which Option to Choose

As you can see you don’t have to be limited by selecting only one theme for your website. Often times for the same price, you can have access to a large number of themes and plugins. Especially if you provide web design services to clients, you should absolutely be considering a theme subscription. These providers offer lifetime and / or agency memberships which allow you to use the themes on an unlimited number of sites including your clients. While there are more providers to choose from, the ones featured here are the best at what they do and offer a perfect combination of quality themes and plugins, consistent updates to improve the themes while keeping them secure, as well as excellent customer support. Many of the providers have free demos of their themes so it’s worth spending time looking at their themes and builders to see which one stands out to you. That is a great way help you make a decision. You can’t go wrong with any of these subscription plans and having one will help you learn one (or multiple) themes very well so you can produce high quality sites easier and faster than ever before.


Name # of Themes # of Plugins Unlimited Website Usage Annual/ Lifetime Fee Price
Elegant Themes 88 4 Unlimited Annual & Lifetime plans $89/year or $249 lifetime
WooThemes 35 4 Unlimited Annual plan only $399 / year
iThemes 200 40+ Unlimited Annual plan only $197 / year
Tesla Themes 66 1 Unlimited Annual & lifetime plans $59-$79/year or $199 lifetime
Themify 42 22 Unlimited Annual & lifetime plans $79-$139 / year or $399 lifetime
Thrive Themes 10 7 Unlimited Annual only $588 / year

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