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Each template here was designed for you to be able to use in your web design and SEO business. Simply download the file, tweak for your business and begin using.

The Template Bundle


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✓ SEO Client Questionnaire
✓ Web Design Client Questionnaire
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✓ Site Audit Template Checklist & Report
✓ Local Business SEO Guide & Tracking Sheet

Web Design Client Questionnaire


This 56-point questionnaire covers everything you should be discussing with new and prospective clients. Each question includes an explanation of why you should be asking this and examples of possible answers to help guide the conversation. These questions will naturally help you build trust with a client which will help you land the job.

SEO Client Questionnaire


This questionnaire contains 59 questions to help you guide the conversation with a prospective client. These questions will help you gather all the information you need to understand the business and what will be required for a successful SEO campaign. In addition, these questions will naturally help you build trust with a client to help you land the job.

This questionnaire includes additional information about why you should be gathering the information and specific information you should be collecting when asking the questions.

Website Usability & Conversion Report


This checklist covers 64 different website usability and conversion checkpoints in categories such as accessibility, navigation, content, branding & design, landing pages, shopping cart and forms. You can offer this report as a standalone service to help clients identify what they need to do or as a way to land new web design or SEO clients.

This checklist includes a template for you to follow as well as an example completed report.

Site Audit Template Checklist & Report


A site audit is essential when starting SEO for any website but it also a standalone service that you can provide to clients. For standalone SEO audits, you can provide a detailed audit along with specific recommendations for improvements that should be made to the website.

This package contains 2 files: 1 document with multiple sheets that cover site audit, NAP information, local data, on-site content targeting for single and multiple locations, duplicate content and link issues. The second document is an SEO analysis form which provides specific recommendations for the work to be completed. The analysis form is complete with sample recommendations.

Local Business SEO Guide & Tracking Sheet


This local business SEO guide walks you through the questions you should ask new clients, the business information you will need to collect as well as several sheets to keep track of your local SEO work. This sheets include keyword list, competitive analysis, on-page optimization checklist, local business citations, site audit, back links and redirects.

This spreadsheet is included in The Complete SEO Guide to Ranking Local Business Websites.

Client Referral Program Letter Template


Start receiving more referrals for your business. This client referral program letter is an easy way to help you ask clients for referrals in a way that encourages them to do so. This template includes a letter for both clients as well as partnering agencies.

Website Maintenance Package Proposal Add-On


This WordPress site maintenance proposal template has been designed to be added to your current proposal. This proposal add-on is intended to help you upsell the client to an ongoing package to benefit both you and them.

Website Pre-Launch Checklist


This 55-point checklist covers everything you should check before launching a website. It covers everything including content, design, functionality, SEO, analytics, security, and compliance to make sure you have a successful launch.

Website Security Services Accept / Decline Form


As a web designer you should be informing your clients of the importance of securing their website but it can be a challenge to sell them on a service. Clients presented with this form are more likely to sign-up for recurring services and it ensures your client understands the risk of not protecting their site.

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